Friend of Mine - Single (2016)

Traveling Light - EP (2015) becomes clear that Traveling Light, although only 6 tracks long, is a musical and lyrical masterpiece. For those who find music to be the ultimate escape, the place to find synergy or healing for life’s myriad situations, Lana McMullen’s Traveling Light belongs on the list of go-to albums. And hopefully this is just the first of many albums from McMullen.
— Renee Fabian, mxdwn

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About Traveling Light:

A narrative of transience and finding courage in dark spaces, Lana McMullen’s debut album, Traveling Light, showcases Lana’s revelatory songwriting and richly harmonic, honey-smooth vocal acuity. The album came to life over the past year at Seahurst Cabin with Seattle producer and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Veatch (Ryan Lewis, Sarah Gerritsen, Courtney Marie Andrews). With it's political undertones and overarching themes of distance and loss, Traveling Light recalls trailblazers such as Joni Mitchell and Tracy Chapman: actively inviting the listener to explore how values determine one’s personal identity and how identity shifts when one’s values are challenged.    

Featuring material from the years following Lana McMullen's move to Seattle, Traveling Light represents a rich hybrid of the singer/songwriter's Americana roots, her background as a classical singer, and her experiences as an experimental artist. Among its lush instrumental layers, vocal harmonies and subtle electronic elements, the album showcases string arrangements from Seattle composer and violinist Andrew Joslyn (Macklemore, David Bazan, Damien Jurado), as well as stylings from Seattle musicians such as Aaron Fishburn, Hanna Stevens, Micaela Cooley, Matt Price and Kevin Veatch.

Lana McMullen’s full band shows feature the collective talent of Hanna Stevens, Micaela Cooley, and Matt Price. Visit her shows tab for upcoming events, tickets, and tour information.